Help with a Question from Exec Sponsor. Any Gong Customers in FDA-regulated healthcare?

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Hi Gong Community!

I’m new here but not new to Gong. I’m Andrew - a 2x Customer of Gong since 2020. I’ve also worked on ~6 consulting projects to help Gong clients while I was at Skaled Consulting.


Now I am developing a “Gong Optimization” consulting service to help customers get the most out of gong. You can see outline below. I sent outline to some Execs in my network for feedback and I got the following question…Can anyone from the community or GONG help me to answer the following question?


“Do you know of any cases of FDA-regulated healthcare co’s using GONG? Like med device or pharma”?


Thanks! Andrew



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Hey @AKappel! Thanks for being a Raving Fan of Gong 😄

I’m working on finding some folks who can help here! Stay tuned — we appreciate your patience! 

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Thank you, Molly. I appreciate!

please keep me posted.

if easier you/your colleagues can email me directly at or call +1 978 790 1533.