3 Ways to Maximize Acceleration During Your Rollouts

  • 23 February 2022
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Ever wonder why some companies seem to accelerate during platform rollouts while others flounder right out of the gate? Some rollouts fail because users lack buy-in, so adoption is low. Others fall flat because the company doesn’t communicate the initiative's expected goals and outcomes clearly. For end users, that’s a non-starter.  

If you want to avoid these issues during your Gong rollout, watch this message from Gong’s President & COO, Kelly Breslin Wright, and its CRO, Ryan Longfield. They’ve been through it all before and have some sage suggestions to help you nail your next rollout.

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They focus in particular on three components that leaders of successful rollouts use to pick up steam right out of the gate. All three are critical to your Gong rollout: 


1. Communicate the why

Be clear about what’s coming and why, and focus on Gong’s benefits. You’ve just invested heavily in your teams’ skills and future. Let those teams know how Gong will empower them to grow and outperform themselves. Whether you do that through a company or team-wide meeting, a recorded video, or an email, emphasize that you support this new initiative and expect everyone to be on board. Set clear expectations by detailing exactly how you expect teams to engage with this platform, so you can hold them accountable. 

Be supportive as well. Recording calls will be new for many people, and until they get to know Gong, some may think of it as ‘big brother’ software. Acknowledge this and work through your team’s hesitations. As a tool, Gong can help your organization and ICs sell more through increased visibility and insights, so that’s a great place to focus.


2. Embrace connection

Gong makes it easy to connect within and across teams. This alone is a powerful lever to use when encouraging adoption. Your teams will be able to solve problems more easily when they can execute quickly as a unit. Get them excited about tagging people, leaving praise, sharing snippets, and asking questions, all in recorded calls. Everyone will be able to use your Gong data to elevate conversations and build relationships across teams.  


3. Monitor progress

Once you've rolled out Gong, you’ll want to know it’s working. Your management team will have feedback around progress they’re making, but you can also use Gong itself to get an unbiased view into usage and adoption. Is the number of recorded calls growing steadily? What risks are in your pipeline? Have managers commented on their reps’ calls and coached them sufficiently? Access all the answers in Gong.

The common denominator in all these efforts is you. As a leader, your expertise and influence are paramount in promoting adoption and maximizing the rollout early on. Again, I’d encourage you to listen to the recommendations made by Gong’s executives in this video. There’s even a short checklist available to keep you on track. 

With these resources in your back pocket, you’ll be ready to rally your teams far and wide, and make a reality-driven impact on your organization. Get ready for a successful rollout!

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This is incredible stuff @Tim Halter

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Folks tagged above who have been through a rollout — what did you do to make it successful for your teams? 

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