CSM Best Practices - Level Up Live Recap

  • 22 April 2022
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CSM Best Practices - Level Up Live Recap
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I walk through powerful workflows a CSM can use to create Raving Fans!


As a recap, here is what was discussed in the session:

  • Using a CS Deal Board to stay on top of your book 

  • Exploring the Account level to assist in smoother handoffs from Sales

  • Two filters & alerts to prep for an upcoming QBR or difficult conversation 

  • Hashtag workflow to communicate cross functionally 

  • Create a Stream in your Library to prep for Renewal conversations


For those of you who couldn’t make it make sure to click the link below to watch the recording. Plus, don’t miss the downloadable pdf on that page that is referenced in the session and will be a helpful guide on some of the workflows you can use on the Calls tab, Library tab, and when reviewing a call.

Recording & 1 Pager


Post-Session Feedback


Check out some of the amazing feedback CSM’s had after this training:

“We weren't utilizing Gong like this before and it's great to know we already have the tools to complete things we are already tasked with doing!”

“Searching by key word; hashtags for feature requests”


Feel free to tag me in your comments below when you share your biggest takeaways from this session, your questions for your peers or your favorite tip you’ve implemented from this training!


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Hiya! I did a search for CSM trainings in the Gong community and came across this. However, we haven’t got recorder licenses for CSMs yet, but I would still like to run a training around how they can learn from Gong based on the Sales people’s conversations. 

Has anyone got any tips on training items for a collaborator CSM? :)

@Molly Kipnis tagging you here too in case you’ve got any ideas! 

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Hi @Elin Hammenfors this is such a great question. We have some powerful content for Collaborators in the Gong Academy. Check the below out and let us know what you think and if it meets the needs you mention above!