Why You Shouldn’t Be Intimidated to Send Your Team(s) to Gong’s Virtual Instructor Led Trainings (VILTs)

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Used to the typical, unengaging VILT? Worried about the 1:many approach and how your team might benefit? Gong’s VILTs are best-in-class! Our VILTs are a great way to enable your teams (and any new hires!) quickly and effectively - learn more below about what the Gong Customer Education and Training Team offers! 


Reasoning Why Gong’s VILTs are the Best in the Business:

  • We hold our live training sessions multiple times a week at multiple times to ensure we accommodate as many time zones as possible.

  • We have VILT sessions that you and your teams can join live, as well as recorded sessions in case the scheduled dates/times don’t work.

  • With the ability to bulk register your team(s) to the training sessions, we can take the leg work out of scheduling and add your entire leadership or individual contributor teams to the session(s) of your choice - they will receive a calendar invite and everything! 

  • We offer attendees a warm, welcoming environment where your learners will feel comfortable, as well as a clear, set agenda. 

  • We have multiple engagement opportunities through the session with use of chat and polls through Zoom. 

  • Stories, stats, and social proof help learners relate to the content and workflows we are demonstrating during the training. 

  • We show off how to complete workflows and then ask attendees to get into their Gong systems and do hands-on activities using their own data. This ensures everyone who joins the sessions will get hands-on practice and experience in their individual Gong instance.

  • Attendees will have opportunities to practice specific workflows that help attendees unlock reality, and we have post-training calls-to-action (CTAs) to include recommended next steps, additional assets, and knowledge checks, with our first certification now live! Check it out here: https://academy.gong.io/path/program-manager-launch-certification 

  • Attendees will be able to offer feedback regarding the training session(s). 

  • Curious as to what you can expect after your teams attend Gong training? We have measured and found that Frontline Managers (FLMs) and Individual Contributors (ICs) who have been trained are more likely to continue to exhibit processes and workflows in Gong that lead to success.


Your CTA:

Check out our Gong Academy for dates and times to register for our live VILTs, and let your Gong CSM know if you’d like to bulk register your teams for the sessions!

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I’m a big fan of these VILTs. They are the best I’ve seen in the industry, and I encourage all Gong users to take them. 

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So glad to hear that, @Andrew O'Driscoll!!!!