BDR Cold Call Coaching in EMEA

  • 8 January 2024
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Hi Everyone! I’m a Sales Enablement Manager working with our global BDR team including BDRs in EMEA and AMER. We are focused on cold calling and are trying to find creative ways to use Gong to support enablement. Due to privacy regulations in the various locations, we are unable to record the prospects side of the conversation. 

Curious to know, how is everyone using Gong for cold call coaching when the prospects side of the conversation is not being captured? 

I appreciate the insight in advance 🙂


3 replies

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Great question, @alliegurrieri!

I’ve tagged in some Sales Enablement folks who may be able to weigh in on how they’re using Gong for cold coaching when prospect conversations aren’t being captured: 

@Teia Stone @Shawn Pillow @Lucia Fabrizio @Tarra Maxwell @Jess Stetson @Brandy Osterhoudt @Mayra Arguello @Alec Levandoski @Marlia Sylvestre @Kristian Gary @lburton @Kayla Holland @Kelly Parks @Samantha Piotrowski @Bradley Ciné @Inbal Shacked @Anna Coyle 

Thanks in advance for your advice! 



In any way, Coaching is more about your BDRs side and less about the Prospects… 

You can still analyze and compare your team’s talks, 

I usually go to Insights >Pick a team > and then click on the Person I want to analyze. you can a lot of interesting data there, such as: How many questions do they ask, how responsive they are, what topics do they talk about, how are they doing with trackers, How are they doing comparing to their team, etc. 

Hope I helped a little. 

Good luck, 

Inbal S. 

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Check out a post by @Courtney_Mirakl where this topic was discussed in the January How Visioneers Use Gong Meetup.