Can we set delays on notifying reps of comments we've left on a call?

  • 16 June 2022
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A lot of times, I need to listen to my reps’ gong calls in the evening after I put the little one to bed. I like to leave lots of comments in the calls for coaching purposes. However, this means I have reps getting emails about my critiques late in the evening which I worry can stress them out. I really don’t want them to see the comments until working hours start again. 


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Hey @Matt Hands

That’s a great question! Going to ping our internal teams for some thoughts on this. 

We’ll get back to you ASAP - thanks for your patience!  

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Hi @Matt Hands ! 

I listen to calls on the weekend and during non-business hours as well and, like you, I don’t want my colleagues to feel pressed to reply during those times.   


Below is the workflow that I have found works best for me:

  1. Leave my comments on a call as Private.
  2. When it’s working hours and I want my colleagues to see my comments I flip the lock icon of my comments to “Anyone at Gong” (see screenshot below).
  3. Done!  This works because at the bottom of a call by default, typically, the Host and any other Gong recorded user that was on the call “...are notified of new public comments.” So by flipping your comment from ‘Only me’ to ‘Anyone at Gong’ your reps will see your comments.



Hope this helps!



Mark Bañuelos

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I would need to do this for each comment, correct? I’m leaving about 7-10 comments per call

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@Matt Hands That’s correct. I actually timed this recently where I had about 4 calls with 10+ comments and switching the lock icon to ‘Anyone at Gong’ took 3 minutes 30 seconds so ideally it shouldn’t take too long. 


I also proactively submitted the feedback to our Product team with your use case for having a type of “Schedule later” option would be beneficial. 


Hope this helps!

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Great, thanks!