Setting Listening Goals

  • 8 September 2022
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Hello Gong Community,


Is there a way for me to set a listening goal for my team in Gong.  I am hoping to set:

  • A team goal that automates based on team members listening to peer Gong calls
  • Individual goals.  I’d like to set a monthly/weekly listening goal for my team that automates when then listen to a call.  There is currently a ‘calls listened to’ chart in “TEAM’/’GONG USAGE’.  I’d like to see that chart show team members that have achieved their goals for the month.


5 replies

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Hey @Sabirr, thanks for the great question!

I’ll pass this along to our team tomorrow morning and will have a solution for you ASAP.

I appreciate your patience!  

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Thanks @Molly Kipnis


Currently, we’re setting goals and quantify them manually using a third party method.  I’d be curious is this would all be possibly directly in Gong.


I appreciate you looking into this!!!




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Hi @Sabirr, I’ve consulted with a couple folks on our team, and as of now, this function is not supported by Gong. 

Tagging in @Shefa Weinstein from Gong in case she has any additional context here. 

In the meantime, I encourage you to please submit this as a product feature request — you can do that here!

Thanks so much for your patience Sabirr, and welcome again to the Gong Community! We are happy to have you 🙂

@Sabirr - this is a great feature request. Once it is in the system we will then keep it on file. I am hoping to get to this in Q4 and start digging into the problem and working the solution. I hope I can reach out then and hear more from you.  

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@Molly Kipnis @Shefa Weinstein   Thank you both.  I will fill this out in the feature request link 😊.


Thanks for the follow up.