Support for Detailed Transcripts


Will there be support for an API export of transcripts with the extra details like who is speaking and the header info that’s provided in the ?

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Hey @InstaWill, checking on this for you! Thanks for your patience :) 

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Hey @InstaWill!

I’m happy to respond and if you haven’t already, you can register for a Developer Partner Gong Instance here. This will give you access to API Documentation and everything you need to explore building an integration. 🙂

Retrieve transcripts of calls (/v2/calls/transcript)

POST /v2/calls/transcript

Returns transcripts for calls that took place during the specified date period. If call IDs are specified, only transcripts for calls with those IDs that took place during the time period are returned.

When accessed through a Bearer token authorization method, this endpoint requires the scope 'api:calls:read:transcript'.


Hi @BridgetFinegan! Thanks for the reply! We are actually already using /v2/calls/transcript. My question was more about the extra details that are provided when using the pretty-transcript url that provided by in the gong UI.


Just to be clear: The transcript provided by /v2/calls/transcript provides the transcript, caller/sender IDs but does not include the caller/sender names, position titles, business names that are provided when I view the transcript on gong’s website.


Is there anyway we can get an api for the additional information provided by ?

This would also be very helpful to me - I’m running the /v2/calls/transcript info through a summarizer but without a way to pull in the names of the people who are speaking, we are getting some inaccurate results. Any suggestions on how to pair them together?