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  • 22 February 2023
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Hi team,


I am looking to see if anyone knows how to run a filter (or report) that shows all calls I’ve listened to. I can see the ‘Listened’ text beside individual calls, but is there a place where I can filter to view all of these at once? 



4 replies

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Hi @Dee Rooks great question. The best way to do that today is to go to the Insights tab and then within the Team stats go to the Gong Usage subtab. In the top right corner switch the time filter to “Anytime.”


The default tab for this view is Calls Listened to so you should be seeing that data for your team (filter to your team using the leftmost dropdown of the three in the top right).



When you click on your name it will take you to a more detailed view which will show your weekly listening over time as well as your last 10 calls listened to.



Unfortunately there’s no way to get a complete list of the calls themselves beyond those 10.


Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much for replying here @Brandon James!


@Dee Rooks, please let me know if this was helpful!   

How long does it usually take to load as you listened to a call? For example, I listened to one today and it’s still saying zero in the stats. 



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Hi @Rich Fagan - we update these stats twice a day! More information on that can be found in our Help Center here: