How Gong Uses Gong: Never miss a follow-up again

  • 3 March 2022
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How Gong Uses Gong: Never miss a follow-up again
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On today’s episode of Gong on Gong, Senior Mid-Market CSM @Kathryn Lancendorfer shares how she uses Gong Assist to send flawless follow-ups to her customers without missing a beat. 


Keep reading (or if you’re a Gong customer, watch the video walkthrough here) to learn how to prioritize and maintain high-quality follow-ups with your customers.  


Fun fact about Kathryn: She loves to ski and snowboard! In the winter, you can find Kathryn shredding the mountains in Tahoe or Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


How does Gong Assist help you stay on top of your follow-ups? Let us know in the comments below!


Kathryn’s challenge:

Finding the time to follow up immediately after her important calls


Kathryn’s superpower:

Using Gong Assist to prioritize follow-ups and keep action items from slipping through the cracks


Kathryn’s workflow:

  1. Navigate to your outstanding assists and prioritize them based on what’s most important

  2. Review your action items and determine how much time it will take you to follow up with that customer 

    1. If you need to follow up immediately, compose your email right from Gong

    2. If you have action items to complete before you can follow up, create a task in your Google Calendar and revisit it later.


“Review your Assists at the beginning of your day or the beginning of the week to plan out when you need to send those follow-up emails.”



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Would love to know how you all are using Gong Assist to stay on top of your follow-ups!