🎥 WATCH: How to Measure Enablement with Gong - Interview with Nate Vogel, VP of Enablement at Gong

  • 20 October 2022
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🎥 WATCH: How to Measure Enablement with Gong - Interview with Nate Vogel, VP of Enablement at Gong
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If you’re in a Sales Enablement role at your organization, you’ve probably been asked to measure the success of your programs. 


But how exactly do you do that? 


How do you deliver relevant metrics to your leaders to prove the value of enablement at your org? 


Tune in to this interview with @Nate Vogel, Vice President of Enablement at Gong, to learn:

  1. How to measure accountability at each phase of the enablement process

  2. What enablement effectiveness is (and how to measure it with Gong)

  3. How to tie enablement into the overall KPIs of your business, like ARR, upsell, and churn

  4. Three examples of how Gong uses Gong to measure enablement and make data-driven decisions for our business, including: 

    1. Using Gong to lift Commercial win rates

    2. Launching and measuring new strategic narrative messaging adoption and performance with Gong

    3. Using Trackers to measure win rate over time with Gong


Special thanks to Roxy Ameri, @Brandy Ringler, Leah Wilson, Danny Wasserman, @Chelsea Neill, @Bryan Bayless@Tim Lens@Omer Krugman@Sunny Huang, and the entire Value Engineering team here at Gong for helping to create this content! 


Let us know in the comments below: How do you measure enablement at your org? How do you use Gong to prove the value of enablement to your business?



5 replies

Good stuff @Nate Vogel 

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Really enjoyed the content @Nate_Vogel. I hope to one day use Gong as strategically as y’all!

The use case slides appear to have hyperlinks - Is it possible to access the resources contained therein? 

For example, slide 5 mentions a scorecard in step 3. would it be possible to see that scorecard?

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@Evan Natwick  - thanks for the question and I can send over hyperlinks for the content- in general its sending links directly to our deal drivers along with other internal content. Feel free to email me at and can share more details- thanks for watching

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@Michael Coelho thanks for the shout out- always here to help and you can send me an calendar invite anytime you want to chat through things- - keep serving