Automating email to prospect based on a call in taking place in Gong

  • 14 August 2023
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We're wondering if it's possible to set up an automated email to go out through Gong's email editor to a prospect once a demo call has been completed by a specific user. We'd like to know if this is possible through the Gong software directly or if that isn't possible, through the Salesloft integration and/or the SFDC integration

Comments from our CSM were: At this time Gong does not send out auto-emails. I'm not aware of any other software that does this and is triggered immediately after a call in a certain stage. Here at Gong if we are ever sending out auto emails I believe we typically send through Gainsight however the trigger isn't based on a stage of an opportunity but just a customer list. 

If this isn’t possible through Gong, what strategies have you used to automate emails to prospects?

3 replies

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Hi @Eku Malcom! I’m working on putting together some recommendations for you. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience! 

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Hi again @Eku Malcom!

I chatted with a few folks internally — I’d recommend continuing the conversation with your CSM about this. I’ve let her know that this is something you’re still interested in exploring. 

I’d also invite other Visioneer Community members to share their strategies or best practices if they have any! 


@Molly Kipnis My CSM did not have any further suggestions based on what I included initially. 

Looking forward to hearing what the rest of the community has to say!