Reporting on Participants and Hosts in Salesforce

  • 19 October 2023
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Hi Everyone! 

I was wondering if anyone has been able to solve for this: we have Gong integrated with Salesforce and we want to report on how many calls our CSMs attend as participants and how many calls they host in the same report. Ideally, any call that the CSM would attend could also be counted towards their calls for the week. Currently, we’re using a task and events report type that uses the “Assigned to” field to report on the event record, but we are limited to just who hosted the call. We’ve played around with some of the out of the box Gong report types that are part of our unmanaged package, but we’re hitting a dead end. Totally open to some new ideas from the community!

Thank you!

2 replies

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Hey @KatG! Let me ask around internally about this — also tagging in some Community folks for potential thoughts or ideas!

@Ali Longshore @Ryan Johnson @Sabrina @Jason Adkins @Stacy S @Crystal Turner @jackatdisplayr @Zamina Datoo @Prerna Wadhwa @Karolina Zietal @Aimee Redlinger @Danny Brill @Prajeesha Pillai @Alisa Goldschmidt @Evgenia @Eku Malcom @Holly Hampson @Kelly-Marie Melville @Charlotte Beebe @GemmaSenft  

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Hi @KatG Have you tried downloading a report from the insights tab?  It looks like the export includes “total call volume” and “call attended” Without verifying against my teams calls, I’m assuming the delta between the two is the number of calls hosted.