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  • 18 March 2022
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For a non-licensed user. How can they have access to recordings and transcription?

2 replies

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Hi @Andy Dorville,


Great question, and welcome to the Gong Community!


Tagging in the awesome @Katie Oneal on our Education team to help you out with a solution :) 

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Hi Andy!

Great question. Typically when we talk about a non-licensed user, theres two different scenarios: People with a Collaborator license (internal to your organization); or people with no license at all (internal or external to your organization.).Click Share Call at the top right of the call page for the call you want to share and select one of the options:

  1. If they have a Collaborator license: Click “Share Internally” via email or Slack. Gong sends the recipient a link to the call that they can access in Gong.
  2. If they do not have any Gong license: Click “share with customer” and type in their email. They will receive a link to a simplified version of the call page that is available for a limited amount of time. If the call includes a video, the video is shared.

Quick note about Collaborators: These licenses are free of charge and unlimited, so anyone at your organization can have one. Collaborators can listen to calls, receive alerts, have the ability to access and edit call libraries, to search, make comments, topics, and access the timeline for individual accounts. This profile is intended for people who don’t need to leverage the full power of Gong.

Check out our help article on sharing calls here; or this article on permission profiles here!