Unique Use Case for Gong

  • 12 November 2021
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Inquiring minds would like to know if any other Gong users are utilizing Gong for non-traditional use cases. I’m working with a research team that is using Gong to transcribe interviews/conversations and then build detailed reports and proposals based on the information from these. Would love to talk shop on best practices with anyone that has even a remotely similar use case!

2 replies

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I really wanted to test Gong for interviews but our HR team was concerned about the candidates reaction for such a use. Happy to hear if you have any company who tried it with success!


Hey Aurel!


Love that use case and it’s absolutely something that I’m seeing more and more in my customer base. Our PM, @damiancowell, has been leading the charge on this-- looks he’s already connecting with your team on this front! We can definitely dig through and see if we have some potential customers that would be willing to chat through this with your org.