Unlocking collaboration between AE's and Product Marketers

  • 12 November 2021
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As a Product Marketer, I’ve leveraged Gong in all kinds of ways. How Gong Uses Gong: Product Marketer covers many of them. 

Another way - and one I’ve found extremely impactful - is boosting collaboration with my AE partners on specific deals. 

Before Gong, if an AE had a question about what positioning to use, what product capabilities to highlight, or something else, I would need to go through my own second hand ‘discovery,’ effectively asking them all of the questions they asked the prospect to get up to speed.

Besides slowing collaboration down, the ‘double discovery’ work made it harder to equip my team with exactly what they needed in each scenario. 

With Gong, I can get up to speed in a snap. I can see the deal situation directly, and get the insight I need to make an impact. The result? Stronger PMM-AE partnership, better sales enablement, shorter deal cycles, and more fun bringing in more awesome customers.

6 replies

Totally agree with everything you said here, Peter! I can’t imagine doing Product Marketing without Gong anymore. I call it my “cheat code” to get to the right messaging. 

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same @Peter Gillon, same! had some “where has this been my whole life” moments when I first started using Gong

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The time saving piece is HUGE! Avoiding the duplicate discovery and secondhand info makes a world of difference. When you can cut to the chase and give your AE exactly what they need it’s a win-win for both the marketer and the AE! 

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@Peter Gillon This is incredibly savvy! Thank you for sharing this!

Thanks for sharing this @Peter Gillon when we didn’t use Gong I was the awkward, odd-person our in Sales calls.

When I was running Marketing at a startup, I needed to understand the pains of our prospects. I'd awkwardly sit on calls while the Sales team was pitching with little to no value to the prospect. There had to be a better way to do this. 

When I started using Gong, it changed how I operate.

Now, I listen in on a call AFTER it's happened. Filters help me locate keywords I care about for positioning, it’s way easier to find buzzy soundbites, and now people tag me in posts that can help me do my job better. 

I am “attending” 10x the meetings I used to and getting hours back in my day.

Efficiency matters in any job!!! And It makes AE’s happy that I’m not yet another person being asked to get invited to a call! 

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@Peter Gillon absolutely fire use case right here. Thanks for the tip! @Elvis Lieban this reminds me of some of the ways you’ve helped me out recently :)