🎥 Watch: Get to know #Gongfamous Community Member Andrew O'Driscoll!

  • 5 May 2022
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🎥 Watch: Get to know #Gongfamous Community Member Andrew O'Driscoll!
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Hi Gong Community,


It is my pleasure to introduce you to @Andrew O'Driscoll, CEO of Growment and #Gongfamous Community member! 



Fun fact about Andrew: In his spare time, Andrew guides visually impaired runners in marathons.


A few highlights from our interview:

  • The superpower that Gong gives Andrew is the power of inspection.
    • "Gong brings science to the art of selling. The data tells me what is working and what's not."
  • Andrew believes in the power of Community - just a few weeks ago, he collaborated with @Julian on a post about how to implement Trackers in three simple steps.
  • Andrew's advice for Gong newbies: "Focus on one rep behavior at a time. Try not to go feature fishing — instead, ask yourself what kind of change or improvement are you trying to bring about with Gong. What questions are you looking for answers for? It's going to differ by rep, but be mindful of what your team and what each individual rep needs. Then dig deep into how to solve those needs using Gong.”


Watch our full interview above and connect with Andrew on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aodriscoll/

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Photos of Andrew guiding his friend Cassandra in the 5k and friend Corvin in the Marathon! 👏