🎥 Watch: Get to know #Gongfamous Community Member Katrine Reddin!

  • 9 June 2022
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🎥 Watch: Get to know #Gongfamous Community Member Katrine Reddin!
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If you’ve attended a Gong Community Women in Revenue meetup, then you know this half of our fearless meetup-leader duo. 🦸🏼‍♀️

@Katrine Reddin is the Head of Sales at Commsor and your go-to gal for all things community, women in tech, and women in sales. 



Fun fact about Katrine: She loves designing (and eating) charcuterie boards! 

A few highlights from our interview:

  • Katrine met her Women in Revenue meetup co-leader, @Ashley Coghill, right here in the Gong Community! 

  • She believes in the power of a purpose when it comes to Community.

    • “People will work hard for money, harder for other people, and hardest of all for a shared cause.”  

  • If Katrine wasn’t the Head of Sales at Commsor, she’d be a Veterinarian!

Watch our full interview above and connect with Katrine on LinkedIn.

2 replies

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Love being a part of this community! I really enjoyed the interview and excited to keep connecting with others in the community! 

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We ❤ Katrine!