Winning as a team: Celebrating Niche's VP of Sales Mark Boudreau

  • 6 September 2022
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A lot of you have been asking, how can our teams leverage Gong more successfully? The answer starts with leadership.


My most successful customers all have one thing in common: a clearly defined Executive Sponsor. As a CSM, I rely heavily on my Executive Sponsors to help champion Gong internally at their organizations as a leader, and ultimately generate excitement, drive adoption and operational success from the top down.


To highlight one example in particular, @Mark Boudreau, a VP of Sales and one of my customers’ Exec Sponsors at Niche, has successfully and consistently driven widespread adoption of Gong through his leadership and reinforcement. 


To call out a few highlights on how we were able to do this:


  1. Mark saw the value of leveraging Deal Boards based on their current initiatives around deeper level analytics, and surfaced this opportunity to his management team.

  2. As their Gong account team, Luke and I partnered with Mark to schedule a deal board workshop with the Niche front line managers.

  3. Through Mark’s endorsement as a leader internally, managers were bought in and excited to uplevel their use case of Gong using Deal Boards to surface potential pipeline risk and coach reps throughout each stage of the sales process.

  4. Through Mark’s consistent engagement, we have been able to continue to surface additional opportunities where other Niche leaders could leverage deal boards by creating customized pipeline views tailored to each leader’s key initiatives.


Mark Boudreau is a great example of the internal impact an engaged Executive Sponsor can have through leadership alignment and consistency from the top. 


So, thank you Mark! Thank you for your continued partnership, and your always hungry appetite to learn more about how your team can better leverage Gong to further accelerate and broadly impact Niche’s key business priorities!

2 replies

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Way to go Mark! Love to hear you were successful in driving Deals adoption with your managers. I would love to hear about the value add that’s provided!

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Love it! Thank you so much for your continued partnership, Mark!