8/16/23 Data in Gong Meetup Recap: Smart Trackers Tips with Holly Hampson @ Hello Heart

  • 21 August 2023
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Thank you to everyone who joined us for our monthly meetup for data in Gong last week!


We were joined by Holly Hampson, Manager Systems and Tools (GTM Ops) at Hello Heart, for a Smart Trackers deep dive. 


Holly shared how she built out Smart Trackers for identifying both negative and positive buying signals, as well as her general best practices for using Gong Smart Trackers.

In this amazing session, Holly sought to answer the following questions:

1️⃣ Which use cases are optimal for Smart Trackers?

2️⃣ What were key learnings from first-time Smart Tracker creation?

3️⃣ How to identify a strategic priority and get started immediately?


Here’s the Google sheet Holly used to built out her Smart Trackers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1urOlG8E5ke4HkInsALdaSKVFlti9cEVeJhCb4Rc9EQE/edit#gid=896640186 (you may need to request access!).


We’d love for you to join us next month!

Please register for our next session on September 13th at 1:00 PM ET, and let us know in the comments what topics you’d like to see covered!

5 replies

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This was an INCREDIBLE session! Thank you @Pete Thornton and @Holly Hampson for leading our August meetup and sharing your Smart Trackers best practices. 

Tagging some folks who attended/registered in case you want to watch the recap: 

@Alec Levandoski @Courtney Tucci @Shayna Katz @Andrew O'Driscoll @AshleyT @Chris Becker @Chiara Gianola @Kirithika S 

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I have requested access to the google sheet - can you grant me? @Molly Kipnis @Partnerships Pete @Holly Hampson 


Hi, I’ve requested access to the google sheet (from my private email H**erk**r@gmail) 

please approve, thanks! 

 @Molly Kipnis @Partnerships Pete @Holly Hampson 

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Hi @Inbal Shacked! @Holly Hampson will need to approve you. Thanks for your patience! 

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Shared @Inbal Shacked :)