Relaunching Gong to drive org wide adoption


Hi!  We have had Gong for awhile, but are currently in the process of relaunching to drive org wide adoption.  Looking forward to bouncing ideas of other members and learning in this forum.

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Hi @Jennifer Shockley-Daniels, welcome to the Gong Community! 

We love a good brainstorm — tagging in a few folks to get the ball rolling! 🧠⛈️

@Elin Hammenfors @Arielle Parnes-Katz @Paola Londono @Leon Hassid @Marshall Hamilton @Vinit Patel @Courtney Tucci @Serra @Maribel Meza-Perez @Annie Gavett @Sofia Pardo @Josh Easby @Jacqueline Cordell @Andrew O'Driscoll 

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Hi Jennifer, how exciting! If you share your email with me I can share a few examples for how I set up Gong training for marketing, product etc.:) 

Would be happy to see/review anything you’ve already created for this as I’m keen to do the same!