Where are my fellow Enablers??

  • 14 July 2021
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Hello! I wanted to start a conversation with fellow Enablers and how you are using Gong for your programs. 


I love using Gong for my reinforcement, especially using scorecards to track the reps listening to their calls and doing their deliberate practice, as well as trackers for when we are introducing changes to messaging. And of course, building libraries for on boarding and other trainings.


We do a weekly “Gong Show” with the sales team focused on specific areas of our sales process and either using it for opportunities for coaching or highlight best practices.


Comment below and lets learn from each other!

2 replies

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Love the weekly Gong Show @Adriana Romero that is brilliant! What is the format of the Gong Show? I’ll cross-post this in the Enablement group! 

Awesome answer by @Courtney Tucci 


“I’d also add that we use it to track how clients are responding to new products and campaigns. It gives us the opportunity to either say hey - this is working really well or to quickly pivot to something different.

It’s interesting, but Gong is used by such a wide range of departments at my org outside of just the sales teams.”