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  • 4 January 2023
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Post Christmas, I was reviewing deals from my team that were still listed as closing in 2022.   Trying to find the loose change in the couch before year end.   I came upon the Assist Beta, clicked on it then started poking around.   I saw a deal where some follow-up was recommended and noticed an email from a customer who was asking for info from my team so they could process a PO.   Two days had gone by and it was now Dec 28.   My seller was OOO so this request was missed.   If it wasn’t for “assist” I never would have seen the request and been able to respond.   

I would love to hear from others - sellers or managers as to how you are using “Assist.”   

1 reply

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@Joe Barrow this is phenomenal! I’m so glad you decided to try out Assist and caught that email. Thanks so much for sharing your story here in the Visioneer Community!