What's your favorite part about Gong Engage?

  • 28 July 2023
  • 2 replies

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If you’re one of the lucky customers to have early access to Gong Engage, please share how you’ve been utilizing it in your day to day work life. We want to know how it has helped you in your processes!

2 replies

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We have been using Engage with a small set of SDRs for about 3 weeks now. One feature that the SDRs have loved is the ability to change dialer numbers on the fly while making their calls. This allows them the control to change between a NY area number then a NJ area number without having to ask admins to change pre-set settings! Very versatile and our reps love that! 

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@Samantha Piotrowski Nice! Thanks for sharing your feedback on Engage with us 🙂 @Hannah Hapin