12 Days of Gong: How Deel’s Senior Sales Director Mike Gallardo uses Gong to hire and coach a world class team of AEs

  • 19 December 2023
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12 Days of Gong: How Deel’s Senior Sales Director Mike Gallardo uses Gong to hire and coach a world class team of AEs
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🎶 On the ninth day of 12 Days of Gong, the Visioneer Community gave to me…


…Sales leadership best practices from Mike Gallardo! 🎶


Introduce yourself - what is your name, role, and organization?

Mike Gallardo, Senior Sales Director, Deel.


What is the challenge you were facing at your organization? 

Deel is arguably the fastest growing startup of all time. My key priorities as a leader are always hiring world class Account Executives and reducing their time to productivity as much as possible.

The challenge was how to execute on these initiatives (effectively and at scale) with a complex and technical product, across large cohorts of new sellers.


What workflow in Gong did you use to solve this challenge?

The first workflow I use in Gong to solve these challenges is reviewing AE interviews. 

It’s the best way, especially as an all remote company to:

(1) Drive alignment and make sure you're hiring the best talent

(2) Provide feedback to interviewers so they can improve

(3) Document what great interviews look like for future interviewers

It’s literally one of the most important habits / motions we have to build a world class sales organization.


Another important workflow in Gong is reviewing manager coaching activity and involvement in deals quickly. 

Gong’s coaching dashboard makes it so you can see how many calls Managers have joined for each Account Executive, the last time they’ve provided feedback to each Account Executive, and the feedback they’re providing each Account Executive in seconds.




What results did you see from implementing this workflow?

The main result we were able to drive with these workflows in Gong was more than 70% of Account Executives exceeding quota for the year. This was achieved while building the team significantly, launching numerous new products and implementing new sales methodology, process and strategy.


What is your favorite holiday dish or tradition?

My wife and I are whole food plant based (look it up it’s amazing!) So we cook a lot of non-traditional things around the holidays.


This year we’re having my dad come visit and we’re making a cauliflower curry and some of the best chocolate chip cookies you can imagine! 🍪

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