12 Days of Gong: How Kovrr's Director of Product Management Amir Kessler used Gong to collect product feedback

  • 14 December 2023
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12 Days of Gong: How Kovrr's Director of Product Management Amir Kessler used Gong to collect product feedback
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🎶 On the fourth day of 12 Days of Gong, Amir Kessler gave to us…

…best practices for Gong for Product! 🎶


Introduce yourself - what is your name, role, and organization?

Amir Kessler, Director of Product Management at Kovrr.


What is the challenge you were facing at your organization?

We want to better understand the product features requirements and requests of our clients. Given that this data can come up in any call, Gong was the perfect place to use as a point of where all the data flows and to tag the data using Going tools.


What workflow in Gong did you use to solve this challenge?

We started by using trackers, but that wasn't good enough for us, as many times the requests and requirements we got were communicated to us using words we didn't think of, and therefore the tracker didn't catch them.


Instead, we decided to use the native Gong app in the Zoom application. Whenever someone on a call encounters and hears data that could be classified as a request or requirement, we write a comment using the Gong app, and specifically, we use the hashtag "#oracle" (That's how we internally call the system to tag requirements). Then, we have a Zapier running that is triggered anytime the hashtag "#oracle" is written in a gong call, and that comment is automatically transferred to the database where we collect all client requests!


What results did you see from implementing this workflow?

Honestly, this workflow changed everything for us. Gong is located in the perfect place in the flow of data that runs into the organization, and it's the best system to use to place a "hook" that captures the data we need. Using data on all the client requests or requirements, we basically have no debates when building the roadmap. Having this data so clear and organized brings a lot of clarity into what we need to do next, and removes many biases and personal opinions in the roadmap building process. 


What is your favorite holiday dish or tradition?

I guess my favorite holiday dish is Matzah balls! It's something you eat at Passover and it's the best!!!!!


Thanks to Amir for sharing his story! Be sure to check out all of the live episodes of 12 Days of Gong here!

2 replies

Great method! I had the same struggle and built Luxa.ai on top of gong to extracts those product insights automatically with the help of AI. 

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Love it @karapet! Glad it was helpful content!