5 ways to unlock your sales team's productivity

  • 14 September 2021
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5 ways to unlock your sales team's productivity
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Hello Gong Community! 1st time poster here… 


I joined Gong back in June after a 7 year run as a researcher. 


At my last organization I spent a majority of my time working with sales leaders to measure their sellers’ productivity.


As part of this exercise, we would give reps the opportunity to provide qualitative feedback, specifically asking them where they would like to spend less time.


The objective was always to reduce low-value tasks in hopes to spend more time engaging with customers. 


The below blog outlines 5 of the most common activities that were identified and ways that Gong can alleviate these pain points.


This perspective is based on the feedback of more than 30,000 B2B reps.  


Top areas for saving time

  1. Data entry and internal reporting
  2. Internal meetings
  3. Internal communications/email
  4. Customer support issues/escalation
  5. Lead identification and qualification

Do any of these resonate based on how you or your team(s) are spending time? What did I miss? How has Gong helped reduce time in any of those areas?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!



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