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  • 21 February 2024
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Thanks for coming to our recent customer insider event on how CS teams use Gong to mitigate risk and grow accounts!

Here’s a quick recap of what we discussed:

Rich from Sensei Labs

  • Expectations of Customer Success are increasing: 
    • Majority of growth is expected to come from expansion
    • CSMs are expected to carry more ARR than ever before
    • Retaining customers is getting harder
  • CS leaders need to put systems in place to make retention and growth easier. Sensei labs uses Gong Forecast to:
    • Get proactive visibility into risks and seize on opportunities before they grow stale
    • Enable managers to help coach to better outcomes
    • Combine account health scores with deal health
  • CRM + CS platfrom + Gong: There are different jobs to be done from each, but they should all work together to give the most comprehensive picture possible

Colleen from Gong

  • CSMs are facing stronger headwinds with recent pressure to consolidate tech stacks. She looks at 4 leading indicators in accounts: Key persona engagement, CSM delivery, customer sentiment, account health
  • In order to avoid thrash of constantly changing expectations, Colleen integrates her strategic initiatives into Gong.
    • Create a hypothesis
    • Enable the field and set up trackers
    • Measure adoption and reinforce with the field
    • Quantify impact and operationalize workflows

Discussion questions

  1. What are some of the ways you’ve noticed changing customer expectations? How are you trying to stay ahead of it?
  2. What signals do you look for in customer conversations to identify risk? How are you spotting growth opportunities within your book of business?
  3. What tools are essential to a Customer Success tech stack? How do you integrate them to streamline workflows to prevent tool fatigue?

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