It’s the most won[deal]ful time of the year

  • 8 December 2022
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It’s the most won[deal]ful time of the year
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🎶 On the eighth day of Gong, my sales rep gave to me, MORE Deal best practices for my Sales stra-te-gy! 🎶


If you were hoping for some more Gong Deals content…it’s your lucky day!


On this day of 12 Days of Gong, we’re featuring all of the Deals content specifically from our Gong Academy. 


By the time you finish taking all of these courses, your Deals skills will be brrrrrrrrilliant! ❄️


How have Gong Deals helped you understand your pipeline? 


Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out all 12 Days of Gong resources here!

3 replies

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@Edwin @Laura Brightman @Ivanna @Michael Davenport @AaronFennell @Sydni Gurnett @David Secondo @Tadhg OSullivan @TAmon @ronaa @Ashley Burger @Trent Allen Thought you all might find this content roundup helpful!


How do you use Gong Deals to understand your pipeline?

It helps me to better understand all deals that are in the pipeline! 

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100% - and the deal alerts are my favorite. From ghosting prospects, to single threaded accounts - we all must be striving to “let the odds ever be in our favor”