The 4/15 Community Catch-up: What's New(sletter)

  • 15 April 2022
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The 4/15 Community Catch-up: What's New(sletter)
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What’s new with you 

Let’s give a warm welcome to a few of our newest Community members! 

@Gerry Hurley 

@Meagan Davis 

@Nate Slayton 

@Elyse Nagler 

@Michelle Idertogtokh 


@Rebekah Shields 

@Nicole Cordes 


@Dani Larson 

@Sarah C 


@Remy Podrats 

@Nathan Byren 

@Kaitlyn Callahan 

@Iskandar Ishak 

@Jonathan Gallagher 

@Pedro Diaz Ochagavia 


If you’re tagged above, please share a win from this week in the comments below! 


Friendly reminder to head on over to our Introductions thread and tell us a little bit more about you and what you do!


What’s new in the Community

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2 replies

Thank you for the warm welcome! I lead our Sales Enablement team and a win for last week was learning how much Gong can do for us. I’m excited to work on building out more features in Gong that will benefit our team and assist them in the metrics they need/want to see. If anyone has lessons learned they’d be willing to share - I’m all ears. 🙂

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Woohoo, welcome to Gong @Nicole Cordes! You should connect with some of the awesome Sales Enablement folks we have here in the Community like @Mike Cardno@Elin Hammenfors@Leon Hassid@Kelly Parks, and @Arielle Parnes-Katz :) (to name just a few!)