Tips from "5 Powerful Ways to Drive Effective Coaching"

  • 21 June 2023
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Tips from "5 Powerful Ways to Drive Effective Coaching"
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Thanks for coming to our recent customer event, 5 Powerful Ways to Drive Effective Coaching

As promised, here are tips to help you leverage Gong’s cutting-edge technology and advanced coaching practices.


Top Tips from Lisa @ Jobber

  • Time Management
    • Listen to calls on 1.5x to 2x the speed and make use of the call Summary page
    • Add quick comments on the calls to highlight specifics from your coaching conversations. Make sure to use language that matches the call, and be very specific in the comments about what you feel was done well.
    • Autoplay to queue up calls and get some listening done -- I do this quickly in between meetings and I find it helps me stay on top of my coaching and breaks up my day. If you haven’t tried time blocking yet – I urge you to block some time in your cal to listen to calls.
  • Ramp SDRs
    • Listen to calls together as a group and talk about what was done well and what could have been done better.
    • Align on coaching best practices w/ your management team.
    • Utilizes and listens to snippets- if we catch someone doing it right- we will take a snippet and post it in our team Slack channel, to celebrate that win. We even make spiffs out of it!
  • Optimize Coaching through Gong’s advanced coaching capabilities
    • Scorecards: these are an integral tool to my coaching process- they indicate where the rep thinks they are at- whether the rep is engaged in the coaching process and whether or not my coaching is having an impact. For senior leaders- scorecards being used is a good indication if coaching is actually happening or not. 
    • Staying organized: having all your coaching conveniently all in one place. The APP has been a game changer for me in helping my work life balance, I like to listen to a lot of calls and will often que them up while I take a power walk outside or hop on my walking pad in my office. Integrating call listening with movement has really helped me keep tabs on where my team is at and give the right coaching where they need it most. Shout out to the auto play feature!! I absolutely love it
    • Setting up smart trackers: Track and measure your reps effectiveness and learn more about what your customers are looking for. A good example of this is diving into price objections- we have that set up as a tracker- so I can funnel and see all calls where pricing is being mentioned. If I look into the report on Gong it’s easy for me to see based on the length of the conversation who might be having difficulties overcoming the objection and that allows me to coach to it right away. Beauty is the trackers can be set up for anything so you can really catch things specific to your industry. 
    • Catch them doing it right. One of the most important pieces of coaching! Catching them doing it right with specific feedback after they have tried something new- even if it's not perfect. Positively reinforcing the process of trying something new is a powerful coaching tool. It lets reps know when they have nailed it, and helps them reap the rewards of trying something new, giving them more confidence in their calls.


Top Tips from Daniel @ Gong:

  • Run efficient pre-work on skill gaps - earn the right to coach 
    • Look at your team’s insights to see where improvement needs to be made
  • Spread coaching where most needed - but also equitably
    • Check your coaching inbox to see where you can close open items and give more feedback
  • Find and copy your most strategic coaching behaviors ​​​​​​​
    • ​​​​​​​Take a look at other coaches’ coaching metrics and see where you can improve
  • Automate conversation triggers to coach at the right moment (utilize streams and notifications to reduce the effort!)
  • Track development automatically 


Look out for a post-event email tomorrow morning from your CSM with the event recording!


If you attended the event, tell us what you thought of it in the comments section below!


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