Tips from Customer Insider Event: Turn Your Pipe(line) Dreams Into Reality

Tips from Customer Insider Event: Turn Your Pipe(line) Dreams Into Reality
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Thanks for coming to our recent customer event, Turn Your Pipe(line) Dreams into Reality: A Deep Dive into Deal Boards. 

As promised, here are tips to help you leverage Gong so you can run successful pipeline reviews.

Top Tips from Ian Lundy, Commercial Sales Manager @ Gong

  • Preparation is key
    • I spend ~20 minutes doing analysis of each of my reps' dealboards to analyze risk, find gaps, etc. I share this with my reps, and expect the same level of preparation so these pipe reviews become action oriented
  • Be on Offense between Meetings
    • In the world of software, peoples attention is naturally fleeting and it is the sales woman/man’s responsibility to drive value between meetings. This can be through case studies, a quick call to ask a thoughtful question, screenshot from the tech, etc. Check the activity chart from your dealboard to get a clear look into which deals need an offensive play call.
  • Get Wider 
    • Here at Gong, our win rates skyrocket when we get multi-threaded in our deals whereas when we are stuck with 1 or 2 people our win rates are < 10%. The dealboard gives super clear insight into how many contacts are involved in deals, and who else we should try to involved in order to actively getting wider at accounts

Top Tips from Tim Rafferty, Head of Sales @ 15Five

  • Gather best practices to improve rep performance and easily enable new reps
  • Use deal insights to compare findings to reps' open opportunities and help them determine the best next steps
    • # of stakeholders
    • Execs involved
    • Deal velocity 
  • Use the activity section to gauge if a deal is real


Need some step-by-step guidance on how to run a successful pipeline review? Check out our Academy courses below for some quick and easy learnings:


If you're a Gong newbie, you have to learn how to leverage deal boards in order to put any of our tips above into action. So begin your journey with our articles in the Gong Help Center to get the basics down.


Look out for our post-event email with a link to the recording of this event. And let us know if you have any questions or learnings in the comment section below!


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