WATCH: Five ways I use Gong every day as a CEO

  • 19 April 2023
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Welcome to Gong! 

As you get up to speed, I’d like to share five ways I use Gong every day as a CEO to stay updated on how our business is tracking towards our goals and initiatives.



  1. Check Account Status: On a typical day, I take at least two or three customer calls. In “Account Status” in Gong, I quickly prepare for those calls by checking the customer’s deal timeline, recent interactions with our team, integrations, and more. I use this feature no less than 10 times each day.  

  2. Check Deal Board: In the old days, I’d call a rep at the end of the quarter to ask about their swing deals. Now, I can see all of the swing deals on the Gong “Deal Board” so I can get up to speed without making any phone calls.

  3. Track product launches: We’re currently launching a new engagement product, and I use the “Initiatives” board to see how it’s shared by our internal team and how it’s received by our customers. I can even share highlights from customer conversations with Gongsters (our staff) and our Board members.

  4. Track messaging adoption: We just trained our teams on new messaging (a costly but important investment), and I use Gong to track how the new messaging is adopted by the team.

  5. Track competitive mentions: I set up streams in Gong so I get alerts when a competitor is mentioned. Then I listen to those conversations in the mobile app while I’m at the airport or in traffic. It’s like a dynamic podcast (and helps the time go by!).

I hope these tips are helpful as you get started with Gong. 

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