🎧 What are you listening to during your lunchtime walks? 🎧

  • 21 January 2022
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Hey folks! 


I’m curious — what are some of your favorite Sales/Revenue Intelligence/general career growth podcasts? Drop some recommendations below!


I’m tagging in @Amanda Birkinbine@David Wong@Cissa Dieleman@pgoodlin@jesskennedy@Kat Olarte@Kevin Murano@Mike Cardno, @Ann Guy, @Chris Becker,  @Bill Hansen, and @Vinit Patel to kick off this thread.          


(Totally unbiased opinion, but I think Reveal: The Revenue Intelligence podcast is pretty great 😉 @Devin Reed @Sheena Badani )

4 replies

I really enjoy Andy Paul and his Sales Enablement podcast! 

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@Cissa Dieleman just opened up his page — his most recent episode was with Daniel Pink, who was our keynote speaker from our last #celebrate Revenue Intelligence Summit! Adding that to my list of listens. Thanks for the rec!  💯

I’ve never really listed to sales podcasts before but I’ll check out the Revenue Intelligence Podcast. Thanks Molly!

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I’m not just saying it cos I’m here but Reveal is my #1 go-to!! Here are some of my other faves: