#MyGongSecret: Rules for Participation (Read me first!)

  • 21 July 2022
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#MyGongSecret: Rules for Participation (Read me first!)
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Want 30 minutes with our CEO or Head of Content Devin Reed?


Share your best-kept Gong secret, tip, or workflow for your chance to win!


This contest is officially closed — but you can still share your tips and tricks with the Gong Community in the thread below! 


Here’s how to participate: 

  1. Find the thread for your role here

  2. Share a high-quality response with your best practice for a chance to win. Answers should be about a paragraph long. Images, videos, or screenshots are highly encouraged! 

  3. For a second entry: 

    1. After you share your best practice here in the Gong Community, click the three dots on the bottom right-hand side of your post and hit “Link to URL” 

    2. Share your best practice with the link to your post and the hashtag #MyGongSecret on your LinkedIn. 


The first 25 people to submit a best practice are guaranteed to win some VINTAGE Gong swag.

And two lucky winners will be selected to win 30 minutes with our CEO Amit Bendov or Head of Content Devin Reed.


Submissions will be accepted until this Friday, July 29th at 12:00 AM CST.


Good luck!

4 replies

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I loved it! Just shared mine on the Sales Enablement topic. 😁

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I got the email but marketing doesn’t have a thread 😭 but I’m sharing anyway b/c of the gong swag hahah


One thing that I like to do is search in Gong for competitor keywords, and also the phrase “i love Alyce.” This gives me intel that I can use in my marketing campaigns - angles to play up, misconceptions to expose, etc. Also helps me understand the perception of our brand in the market.


and also i search “linkedin” because occasionally people talk about our linkedin presence which helps me validate what I’m doing is working :)

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@Christina Mowry ask and you shall receive!


Just made our awesome Gong-using Marketers a thread: 


Thank you so much for sharing! 

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@Molly Kipnis that was fast! ty! brb going to copy and paste mine in there 😂