Support Tip of the Week: I sent/received an email, and it's not on the Deals page. Where is my email?

  • 22 December 2022
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Did you send/receive an email, and it's not showing under "activity" on the deals page?


  1. Does your Gong Primary email address match the email address in your CRM?

  2. Is the external individual sending/receiving the email a contact for that opportunity in your CRM? 


If both of these appear correct, email us at! Please provide the message ID(s) for the missing email(s) and a screenshot of the "Original Message"? Instructions are below on how to get these two items.

Troubleshooting: Where's my Email?



  If you're a customer that doesn't have a CRM - Check out our Gong Academy Session here!  

1 reply

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Happy Holidays Everyone!!! ❤