How can I view My Coaching across departments?

  • 11 October 2023
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I am an enablement manager and a lot of my day to day includes coaching on Gong calls with Scorecards and leaving feedback.

I see that under the Coaching Tab, I can view my own coaching, but I have to categorize by team. 

Is there a way I can group people together based on job title or with tags so that I can see everyone I have coached in one view?

3 replies

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Hi there @Dewey Lovett! I’m checking with our internal team on this. Thanks for your patience — hoping to have a solution for you soon! 


Thank you so much! 

So far I’ve gotten closer to what I hope to find by going to Insights > Team > Gong Usage > Calls with Scorecards, so I can sort of see the scoring work I’ve done. But if I could create my own team or group of people (even though they don’t report to me) it would be super helpful!


Thanks again!

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I connected with my teammate Rachel, and here’s what she said: 

Right now, the Coaching tab can only be organized based on the team hierarchy in Gong, as these stats populate the coaching efforts a manager has made for their direct reports.

If you aren't coaching your direct reports in Gong, I recommend using the Insights tab instead.

Insights tab > Team > and viewing the Scorecards or Coaching Received stats: From the Insights tab, you can select multiple teams or team members, and view all of their scorecards and feedback received in Gong during the filtered period. To narrow down the results further, you can filter from "all calls" to a saved filter narrowing down the relevant calls.


Please let me know if this is helpful! @Dewey Lovett