Ideas for tracking/coaching Solutions Eng team

  • 21 December 2021
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My team (Solutions Engineering) are rarely the hosts of calls, but I’m looking to create a report (or a filter, or anything really) that showcases their calls without needing to cross-reference their calendars. 


Wondering if anyone has suggestions. We leverage sfdc as our CRM, perhaps there’s a way to create reports based on opportunity teams, and see them from there?



12 replies

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Great question @CathrynT


@Eilon Bomshtein @Mat Rodriguez @Scott Baldwin tagging in some awesome Gong Community Solutions Engineers in case they’re able to help :wink:

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Hi @CathrynT ,

Great question! It sounds like what you’re looking for is the “Company Participants” filter which lives within Basic Details on the Calls Page (you’ll have to first select the “Additional Filters” button to expose the Basic Details and other options).


This filter works exactly the same as the Host filter except its looking for any internal participants, not just the host. So you can leverage the hierarchy and start typing your name in and choose the “Everyone in Cathryn T’s Team” option to return all calls your team has participated in. 


From there, the possibilities are endless! Maybe you want to overlay a keyword like “integration” to see when that’s coming up in your team’s calls or use a tracker that you’ve built to capture key pieces of value messaging that often come up in your teams talk tracks.


Once you like the set of filters that you’ve laid down you want to hit that purple “Save” button that will appear above the host box at the top so that Gong can email you new calls that match those filters on whatever cadence works best for you. And there’s no limit to how many different saved searches you can create or filters that can be in any one search!


Let me know if this addressed your question or if I can go deeper on anything to ensure you’re able to get what you need from Gong.

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Thank you @Brandon James for this awesome explanation!

@CathrynT, let us know if this is helpful :relaxed:  

@Brandon James, @Molly Kipnis - Is there a way to push a call category or a saved list to Salesforce?  I’m looking to create a report in salesforce that includes only specific people that were on the call from an internal team that doesn’t use Salesforce but are Gong users. 

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Hi @Michelle Idertogtokh, great question. I think the easiest way for you to accomplish this is to create a report in Salesforce based on the Conversation Object that Gong creates in SFDC with the managed package and filter the report only for conversations where those select individuals were participants on the call. Here’s an article in the Help Center that talks a bit more about Gong for Salesforce. 

Thank you @Brandon James , that’s what I have done, however, we have Gong users who are not Salesforce users and the Salesforce report that searches participants will only pull Account contacts and Salesforce users.  All other participants do not show up on the report in Salesforce. 


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@Michelle Idertogtokh I have seen companies that “have Gong users who are not Salesforce users ” create Chatter Free Salesforce licenses for these users in order to include them in reports such as you mention. As you may know you get a high number of Chatter Free licenses in every Salesforce Instance. Here is a screenshot from a Developer Edition org. You could set them up but uncheck the “Generate new password and notify user immediately” box so they don’t even know they have a Salesforce login. 


Chatter Free


@Andrew O'Driscoll, sweet!  Thank you, that may work!!  Do you know if it will update existing data/call participants from Gong once I add the new users? 

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I am not 100% sure “if it will update existing data/call participants from Gong once” after you add new users.  @Shif Arad can you tell the community what Gong for Salesforce data, if any, is updated after something changes either in Gong (e.g. a tracker) or in Salesforce (a participant that had “type” as blank is subsequently created as a lead/ user/ contact). 


@Michelle Idertogtokh The field “Type” in the Participants custom object is designed to handle the situation where a participant is neither a lead/ contact/ or user, in which case it leaves “Type” blank. Perhaps you can revisit your report you include these participants. See this HC Article on the fields. 

Thank you @Andrew O'Driscoll.  I look forward to hearing from @Shif Arad!

@Andrew O'Driscoll @Michelle Idertogtokh The Type is indeed identify if the participant is in the CRM and is any of the common personas which are Lead Contact and User. We are getting many requests to push also non CRM participants, so companies can work on a mechanism to add them as new Leads or Contacts.

Regarding updating the Participants list after they were created and post the Conversations, then the answer is we are not updating the Participants records. A Conversation record is usually being updated after a Tracker was updated. 

Hope that helps



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@Shif Arad Thanks for your reply.  Based on your answer I think this Help Center article needs to be updated, since Gong only sends lead/user/contact based Participants to Salesforce. So there will never be a Participant record in Salesforce with the “Type” field as blank.  Correct?


“Participant custom objects include everyone that was either invited or participated in the call, and the type - User, Contact, Lead. If the participant is not in Salesforce, then the Type field stays blank.”