Change the names of call participants

  • 21 March 2022
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How can I change the name of each caller? I uploaded some recordings, but each caller's name is inaccurate. 

9 replies

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Hi @Ayumi Masubuchi, welcome to the Gong Community!

I’m going to check with our teams internally and get back to you with an answer shortly. Thanks for your patience! 

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Hi @Ayumi Masubuchi!

I’ve asked around internally and as far as I know, this is unfortunately not possible. I would recommend reaching out to our Support team or your CSM for further assistance! 

Hey there @Molly Kipnis , I came across the same issue recently.
For one of my clients, his name is coming up as someone completely different. The job title is correct, weirdly, but i’d love to be able to amend this in Gong to reflect the actual client’s name. Has this been reported by anyone else at all, or is this something that can now be amended and I just haven’t figured out how? :) 

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Hi @Adelina Manea! I’m checking with the team to make sure nothing has changed since my last reply to this thread. Stay tuned! 

+1 - I would love this feature.

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@Jarrod Job Please feel free to submit this as a product feature request on the righthand side of this page


Your requests are funneled directly to our Product team for prioritization. 🙂 

+1 I’d love this feature too, for me it’s when I manually import a recording.

@Molly Kipnis has this feature been updated (the ability to change the name of participants)? This is especially needed when you upload a call. The participants appear as anonymous participants in the Conversation Highlights (Next Steps) and Outline. For example: Phone Caller #1, Phone Caller #2 etc.. 

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Hi friends, good news! 

This feature request is on our roadmap and is scheduled for release in early Q2. Thanks for making your voices heard to our Product team! 

@Amity Zine @Piero Tintori @Jarrod Job @Adelina Manea @Ayumi Masubuchi