Feature Request - Win/Loss

  • 2 February 2023
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Hello - I really appreciate the win/loss data and all the ways you can analyze.   However, I have multiple lines of business and the win ratios are very different.   One LOB has longer sales cycles and are multi threaded and the other is much more transactional with single points of contact.   As such, if I analyze all deals, the combined win/loss ratio gets skewed really fast and the data isn’t as meaningful.   I would love to be able to have multiple win/loss “boards” just like I can have more than one deal board.   As it stands now I need to keep adding and removing filters for each product family and then take screenshots if I want to share the data with others in the company.   This would be a really useful add in my opinion.   Thanks for listening.   Joe 

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Hi @Joe Barrow! Great suggestion — I highly suggest you share this as a feature request with our Product team! 


You can find the link to do that on the righthand side of this page:


Here’s the Google Form, if it’s quicker.