GONG’s Guide to GAP Selling

  • 11 October 2022
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GAP Selling is an increasingly popular sales methodology that relies on closing a gap between your prospect’s current and future state. If your team has recently switched to GAP Selling, or are thinking about it, fear not - Gong can help!

Configuring Gong after adopting new messaging is crucial in tracking its adoption and success. As a CSM here at Gong, the first place I suggest my customers start is Trackers. For GAP Selling, I suggest breaking your Trackers into 6 pieces: Current State, Problem, Root Cause, Emotion, Future State, and Solution. Feel free to leverage GONG’s Guide to Gap Selling and the base Trackers below. Do not forget to customize these trackers further for your industry, product names, product value, discovery questions, and use cases!

GAP SELLING Current State:
current state, doing currently, doing now,  have in place, have set up currently, have today, looks like today, process look like today, process today, program in place, tell me about what that looks like now, what are you doing today, what are you using now

experience challenges, experience decline, experience decrease, experience issues, experience pains, experience problems, experienced a loss, experiencing challenges, experiencing decline, experiencing decrease, experiencing issues, experiencing pains, experiencing problems, have challenges, have issues, have pains, have problems, having challenges, having issues, having pains, having problems, identify pain, identifying pains, keeps you up, lack of insight, pain, pains, what are you hoping to, what are you trying to, what challenges, what do you hope to, what do you try to, what issues, what pains, what problems, what type of challenges, what type of issues, what type of pains, what type of problems

lack of visibility, low engagement, no awareness, no insights into, not engaged, losing customers, bad customer experience, losing money, wasting time, help me understand, walk me through, talk to me about, tell me more about why, why do you think, root cause

angry, awful, cannot happen, fear, frustrating, if this happens again, livid, loss, lost, painful, pissed off, scared, terrible, upset

GAP SELLING Future State
after scenario, after scenarios, desired outcomes, future state, ideal scenario, ideally, imagine, in the future, magic wand, moving forward what would you, perfect world, goals to achieve, measure success

address the issue, address the problem, can assist, can fix, can help you, capability to, fix, help you, solve, solve the problem, tried so far, vision of the solution, we can provide

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This is AMAZING stuff @Adelaide King! Thank you so much for sharing this with the Gong Community! 

@Jeremy Park @Ryan Elizabeth Portner @Krystal Petrovskis @Alli Bloj @Kelly Parks @Pete Thornton @Zee Solmaz @Sofia Pardo @Cassie Enciso @Melissa H @Caleb I thought this might be useful for you!