Data In Gong Meetup Recap: Closed lost/ won analysis

  • 18 January 2023
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Thanks to everyone that attended today’s Community Meetup focused on making the most of your data in Gong. We were pleased to see a number of Gong employees from the Product Analytics Team and Value Engineering team. They are curious to hear from Gong customers, and we expect to have them join future meetups. It’s a great opportunity to get insight into current and future features.  Thank you @Or Farber, @Assaf Levinson, and @Claudia McSweeney

Thank you @Pete Thornton@Marissa Lough, and @Deborah Deardorff for your contributions. I really like Pete’s comment on the “potential of data”. So true. We are here together using Gong to realize that potential.


Today’s We focused on ways to discover what is working or not in your deals. Who doesn’t want to know that?!  

Listen to the call



  • People spoke about the “sea of data” and wanted to know how to explore that sea using Gong

  • We presented assumptions and tips on how to approach this type of analysis. For example I proposed that it helps when you have the following:

    • The data to support your research  (What % of your calls are tied to an opportunity?)

    • The hypothesis to guide your discovery

    • The wisdom to know multiple things contribute to an outcome

    • The knowledge to use human and machine based approaches 

  • We touched on various areas of the product that help answer what is working: 

    • Win Loss

    • Initiatives  (comparing sales process boards based on Closed Won or Closed lost deals)

    • Whisper For Topics

    • Insights using Call Categories

  • I demonstrated a Google Sheet based Closed Deals analysis by exporting Call data from the Conversations tab. I shared the sheet with you to copy and modify.  


I really liked Claudia’s observation that behavioral data (patience, longest monologue, etc.) are most helpful at a rep level, whereas tracker based data is most helpful at a macro strategic level. 


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6 replies

Thank you, @Andrew O'Driscoll!! 

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@Andrea Ihara @Michael Coelho @Samantha Piotrowski @Teri Long We missed you all at our meetup! Feel free to catch up on the recording. 

Hope to see you all next month! Register here:

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Thanks all…. Finishing up my time in my current role, completing or handing off projects etc.

Like so many of us tech enablers, layoffs and re-orgs were sudden and unexpected. 

Where I go, Gong goes, so I know I’ll see everyone again soon.

If I can still participate while between jobs, as a (temporary) non-gonger - please let me know.



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@Andrea Ihara Sending you love and support right now. You are more than welcome to participate however you’d like/are able to in our content, meetups, etc. Just say the word — you know where to find me! 

@Andrea Ihara I’m really sorry to hear you were impacted by this. you are a valued member of the Visioneer community and are of course invited to join everything. 

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Thanks all. I am not alone in the ranks of recently laid off or “re-organized out” enablers. I wonder if this might be an engaging topic on which to host a discussion. Happy to help (as us enablers usually are. It’s in our DNA)


My email going forward is (perhaps one of the last AOL email addresses still in use. Retro cool!)