Reporting in Customer Success

  • 21 February 2023
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Hi Gong Community, and especially Customer Success (Enablement) folks!

I’m looking to use Gong for reporting about our activities within Customer Success.


We have now launched the following aspects:

  • Topics for Customer Success
  • Trackers for Customer Success
  • Smart Trackers for Customer Success

The next step is to leverage this information for internal reporting, within the team, for our team leads and for the stakeholders above.


I am curious to get inspired on what you do to create transparency!

What information do you report on regularly within the 1:1s you have, the team meetings, your leads and leads’ leads? 

How do you check how your customer calls impact pipeline? 

Do you follow call naming conventions to analyse certain types of calls? 

Do you leverage CRM information to build certain reports, track campaigns or topic performance?


In Customer Success, we are not the primary account owners, which can complicate things. 


I am excited to hear from you, and happy to also have a chat about it and hear more :)

You are welcome to contact me on LinkedIn as well for an exchange:

2 replies

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Such a great topic @laurathedigitalcsm! Tagging some CS/Enablement folks that may have some helpful tips for you: 

@Josh Gradwohl @Scott Tower @Kirsten Penaloza @Rich Prashad @Eku Malcom @Kris Gleason @Rebekah Barter @Tamera Schara @Courtney_Mirakl @Varvara Filippova @Karen Schultheis @Alec Levandoski @Sofia Pardo @Zee Solmaz Do you have any advice or best practices on internal reporting?

Thanks in advance! Happy to send some Gong swag your way for your thoughts 😊

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Hi @laurathedigitalcsm! I’m just following up here after being OOO — I’m not sure if you’ve seen this, but some of the folks here at Gong have shared how they use Gong as CSMs to accomplish some of the challenges you mentioned above. Please feel free to check out the videos here! 

CC: @Mimi Dang @Sunny Huang