How I use Gong Deals to improve our pipeline strategy

  • 19 January 2023
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Gong Deals has been excellent to streamline Gong and Salesforce integration!

Instead of getting confused with multiple Salesforce reports and staying limited to data displayed in the CRM, with Gong Deals we can have a full view of how our negotiation approach is working (or not!).

We can have all we need in one place (Accounts, Opportunities, Events and Tasks) and that has been crucial for our Sales Engagement strategy. And not only for new business, but also to guarantee renewals (moreover when they are at a right risk!).

We started using Gong for the Sales Team, so they could a have a complete visibility about how the demos were going and, some months later, our Customer Success team also embraced the software and started using Gong to get prepared for renewals.

Our next step, is to incorporate Gong in our Marketing processes.




2 replies

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Thanks so much for sharing @Andrea Faria

Would love to know more about how your Gong Deals are set up to track your negotiation approach (what it looks like in Gong). 

Be on the lookout for a DM from me!  

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OK! I’ll wait!