How I use Gong Deals to scale my sales team

  • 10 January 2023
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So it’s not a secret, if you look at my Linkedin, that I’m low grade obsessed with Gong. Not only is the solution top of the line, they show they care about their customers by investing in customer education programs that help us scale our knowledge such that we can scale our team effectively. 


In that, here’s a few tips I have as a long time Gong user and Frontline manager that may help you accelerate on your quota attainment.

  1. Do the training 😁 trust me, it’s worth it.
  2. Ask for help. Gong loves their customers and they want to talk to you. If you are stuck, raise a hand and they will be on the way to support. 
  3. Set up your deal board alerts. These will help you flag which sales are at risk.
  4. Find a Gong champion at the IC level to help build excitement and buy-in from your team. 
  5. Create a habit of using Gong everyday, whether it’s listening to a call, managing deals or pulling insights from call trackers. This will help familiarize you with the solution.
  6. When on the Deal board, click on the account, it’ll pop open another window that allows you to see how the deal is being managed at a granular level. From there you can also hop into your CRM to make notes or review the account. 
  7. Add Inline editing to your board. I probably save 50% of my pipeline updating time, just by editing inline on the Deal Board. To customize my board more, I created a new field on the opps in our CRM called Manager Notes and linked that as a column on the board. This way, I can create a note to my future self in real time without getting out of the solution; saves you time and protects your focus.

I’ve more tips, but they aren’t coming to me at the moment. I’ll add more tips in the comments as they come to mind.


If you have tips that are working for you, please share below!

PS, here’s the link the training platform. 

PSS You got this! Go crush those goals rockstar 🙌

2 replies

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@Angela Lutovsky these are INCREDIBLE tips! 🤩 Thank you so much for taking the time to share! 

Especially love that last one about adding inline editing to deal boards. Being able to save 50% of your time with that one simple hack is HUGE! 

Please pop back into this thread at any time to share more tips as they come to you. 

P.S. - love the Academy shoutout! CC: @Steph Pellegrino 

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@Molly Kipnis , okay let’s dish on Deal Drivers! Deal Drivers helps me see that 10,000 of where my Pipeline is at risk. SO helpful in assessing where the risks are at in my pipe.