How I Use Gong Deals to Standardize Certifications, Gain Insights and Uplevel our Sales Stars

  • 10 January 2023
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Hey there, Abhishek here, from the revenue enablement team at Postman, and I'm just thrilled to be sharing my video submission with y'all (video link at the end). 👋

This video takes a deep dive into the secret sauce that's been making Postman's sales team hit their numbers. 🎯

  • You'll see how we've been using the platform to standardize our certification rollouts, using streams and scorecards and measuring the adoption and impact (revenue influenced) of our initiatives. 📈
  • We're constantly tracking deals, wins and losses with our custom dashboards. And when we lose a deal, we learn from it and come back stronger 💪
  • But we don't just wait for the deals to come to us, oh no. We're out there hunting down the competition like a pack of wolves, using Gong filters to analyze sales metrics and capture winning competitor mentions. 🏈
  • And when it comes to training our reps and managers, we're using the scorecards and best-scored calls as the curriculum in our training library. 📋
  • And most importantly, our reps use the "Assist" feature like it's their daily vitamins.💊

In short, Postman's using Gong to drive revenue growth and improve sales efforts and the other companies better watch out, 'cause we're coming for the top spot. 🏅

Video Link (Watch at 1.25x): 


2 replies

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@Abhishek Humney this is absolute FIRE!! 🔥🔥🔥 Triple bonus points for including an incredible, in-depth how-to video. The Sales team at Postman is lucky to have you! 👏 (That third bullet point re: capturing competitor mentions using good.)


I sent you a DM — check your community inbox! 

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Ain't nothing like a little recognition, right? You're killing me @Molly Kipnis!

But seriously, it's been a team effort at Postman, and I'm just happy to be part of such a killer squad.

And that third bullet point: Capturing competitors mentions using Gong is a game changer!

Thanks for the props, and the DM. I'll be sure to check my community inbox and get back to you right away. Keep the compliments coming! 🙌