Retrieve calls from API with presentation shared in it

  • 1 March 2024
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I’m trying to retrieve calls from Gong’s API filtering on the ones where a  specific slide was presented. 
I see the interface in Gong has a filter for keywords in slides but I don’t see any filter in the API. 
Is it not available in the API or I’m not looking right?




4 replies

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Hey @Margo Rey I’m not sure we have exactly what you’re looking for but am wondering if the Trackers objects (/v2/calls/extensive) might help get to the same end result.


If not, it would be good to understand the use case and implication a little better. 

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@Margo Rey there is no exact equivalent slide title search in the API. However I like @BridgetFinegan idea to explore other aspects of the /v2/calls/extensive call.  contentSelector.exposedFields.outline could be a good area to look at. 

Feel free to use this JSON example in the extensive API call, and see how close this gets you.

Query by date? Change the dates and remove the callIds filter

Query by call id? Replace INSERT_CALLID_HERE with your call ID, and remove the date filters


"filter": {
"fromDateTime": "2024-02-26T00:00:00Z",
"toDateTime": "2024-02-26T23:59:59Z",
"contentSelector": {
"context": "None",
"exposedFields": {
"parties": "True",
"media": "false",
"content" : {
"structure": "True",
"topics": "True",
"trackers": "True",
"trackerOccurrences": "True",
"pointsOfInterest": "True",
"brief": "True",
"outline": "True",
"highlights": "True",
"callOutcome": "True",
"keyPoints": "True"


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Thanks, @Andrew O'Driscoll


thank you both for your answer! 
The use case we have is to check if we could get insights for our Product Marketing on how often some specific slide decks are presented to customers/prospects in call, and if we could do some analysis on slides often skipped through vs getting interactions from prospects/customers, even sentiment over some slides.. etc 
Purely exploratory during a hack day we were doing