Gong Academy: Never too cool for school

  • 29 June 2021
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Our Customer Education team wants to make sure you and your team(s) have all the training and knowledge you need to absolutely crush it with Gong.


That’s why we created the Gong Academy experience: 

  • Access all Gong training content and courses in ONE place. Whether you want to learn everything or just take one live training session, you can do it all in the Gong Academy.

  • Look for courses or content that meet your needs by filtering for topics, duration, and level of Gong expertise.

  • Earn certificates of completion for live trainings and learning paths. Share with your manager and post to LinkedIn for bragging rights.

  • Access the Gong platform from the Gong Academy. This means you and your team are seconds away from doing whatever you just learned about.


Curious about where to start?


Sample Certificate of Completion 


5 replies

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Love the new UX!  Not to mention there is some great content on the academy.  

@Ann Guy amazing! What content has been the most helpful to you in the Academy? cc: @Stephanie Pellegrino @Andrea Cantrell 

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@Ann Guy - thanks for taking the time to share this! Speaking of content... we just launched some new playbooks you might want to check out https://academy.gong.io/page/all-courses#how-do-you-want-to-learn_playbook 

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@Ann Guy amazing! What content has been the most helpful to you in the Academy? cc: @Stephanie Pellegrino @Andrea Cantrell 

For me, what is most helpful is the ability to leverage is as part of our learning strategy.  This means I don’t need to create content or worry about keeping the information updated :relaxed:

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The new Gong Academy looks amazing. Glad to see how far it’s come and the great new content in there. Kudos! 👏🏽