What’s your best piece of advice for getting stakeholder buy-in?

  • 15 March 2023
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After completing this certification, and getting first hand experience using Gong, I can see the first hand benefits of using this platform for all roles in revenue operations functions. Speaking from experience, my company recently made the switch from Chorus to Gong, and have thoughts on getting stakeholder buy-in.

One of my biggest pieces of advices for getting buy-in and hyping up the team for a tool change is to commit to gathering feedback. Get a group of power users together that are tech savvy and maybe have used Gong in the past. Collect feedback from these folks as they are going to have key insights into how the changes can work across the org. Collect feedback often from stakeholders throughout the rollout process (people want their feedback heard, even for small changes). 

This way, you can build trust, address concerns early, and demonstrate a commitment to making Gong for everyone involved.

1 reply

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Our biggest reason for purchasing Gong was the detail in which we could capture the conversations without manual intervention.  By adding the custom keyword alerts we were able to really dive into what was success or not, and find trends within it.

Coupled with the ease of use and price point, it was an easy decision.