Deleting part of a call

  • 2 November 2022
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Hello Gong community- I am trying to find out if it is possible to delete part of a recorded call.  A colleague had a recording go longer than it should have on the client’s end.  They tried snipping the call but it still shared the entire recorded call with the client.  Thank you in advance for any guidance!


Best answer by Devon Kirschmann 7 November 2022, 16:40

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6 replies

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Hey @Dane Zdunowski, welcome to the Gong Community! 


Tagging in expert Visioneers @Andrew O'Driscoll and @Ian Gwynne for some insight. I’ll also pass this along to our internal team and someone will get back to you by Monday.


I just did a quick search through our help docs and I don’t believe this is possible in Gong, but a possible workaround would be to download the call, edit it outside of Gong, and then re-upload it.


I’ll make sure to confirm with you on Monday 🙂

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Hi Dane,


Molly’s suggestion is your best bet! I’d recommend downloading the call first, then deleting within Gong. From there you can:

  • Re-upload the call and only send the snippet to the customer 
  • Cut the call outside of Gong and re-upload only the portion you want shared 


Hope that helps! 





@Molly Kipnis @Devon Kirschmann Thank you very much for the feedback- I will pass this information along to our CSM team!

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Were you recording through Teams?  We have seen this issue pop up with a number of calls also. 


Yes, we are using Teams to record our calls/meetings.